The link between your needs and the type of web hosting service

Bloggers can be broadly divided into two categories. There are bloggers who are professionals and choose blogging as a career option. Some other bloggers do it just to showcase their creativity to derive satisfaction from the appreciation they receive. While both types depend on proper web hosting, the demands of professional bloggers are obviously much more from the hosts. They expect many things that are business like and in no way connected to amateur ambitions. They ear mark the target audience and approach it with defined objectives that ultimately help their cause of money making. On the other hand, amateur bloggers have no business motives and have much lower expectations from the host.


Working towards your needs

Your hosting needs are linked to the way you want to reach out to people. Professional bloggers usually earn from advertisements on their websites which demands continuous viewing for revenue generation. Some others may be engaged in site reviews that requires online interaction with viewers. All these activities depend on high quality technical hosting support that ensures almost100% uptime. Gradually drill down from the broad objectives into some basic tasks so that what you actually need becomes clearer. What the needs could be likely has been discussed in this post.

E mail services with domain name

Since interacting with viewers is one of the prime objectives there has to be channel of communication with them. This would encourage them to stay close to you. Sometimes, the domain name is used by bloggers in the same way as business uses brands. The domain name is projected as a brand and initiatives are taken in building the brand. Having an e mail address with the domain name is often a requirement. Consider if you need it.

Growth expectations

Although your beginning in blogging might be humble, growth aspirations are common among professional bloggers. Growth means more traffic to websites that entails more CPU power and data transfer capabilities. The host that you select should be able to support you as you grow. Therefore, having an idea about the pace of growth will help you to select the right host and also allocate budget for it. More services would mean more spending.

Estimate the space requirement

Is your blog essentially text intensive or does it have infographics and high resolution images and videos?  If it is the latter then you need quite good amount of storage space for media files. The host that you select should provide ample storage so that the site performance does not suffer. Instead of depending on verbal assurance, for shared web hosting, ensure that you get at least 100,000 inodes.

Your understanding of hosting services

How much you are able to handle the technical issues related to hosting on your own would determine what kind of technical support you need. Will the standard support package be good enough for you or do you need extra support at extra cost?

Better you are able to identify your needs the better you are placed in selecting the hosting service of your choice.

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