Proven Ways to Improve Your Website Design and Boost Sales in 2019

The cyberspace is getting even more competitive. As the internet and technology continue to penetrate more parts around the globe, we are seeing an unstoppable increase in websites, all of which are meant to entice customers and close sales.

All these activities mean that website owners, as well as e-commerce sites, must distinguish themselves in order to beat the competition. What can you do to improve your website design and ensure that your sales go up? Here are some tips.

  1. Easy Maneuverability

A website where visitors cannot easily locate pages or find products of interest with ease will be a big turn down for them. Ensure that pages on your website are easy to maneuver and products are displayed in a manner that is enticing. By the end of the day, you want your customers to click more and more and find spend as much time on your website.

Marketing experts such as sketchcorp emphasize that the information on your website must also be relevant. E-commerce sites have overtime leveraged this platform. You often come across brief product descriptions alongside goods displayed on these sites. Similarly, all websites meant to make a sale must allow consumers to get as much from them by enabling easy access to information. This way, customers make decisions quickly and give you an opportunity to make sales.

  1. Quick Upload and Download Speeds.

If there is an element of website design that can be a big letdown to visitors, it is slow upload speeds. Studies have shown that clients decide whether to stay or leave the website depending on how it responds within the first five to ten seconds of their visit. In addition, the revelation that you are likely to lose 25% of your potential website visitors within four seconds should sound an alarm and bring to your attention how important load speeds are.

Thus, while developing your website, put into consideration factors such as videos, photos and other infographic representations that may slow down your website. Ensure that your site is hosted by a provider who is able to provide the necessary support for such demands.

  1. Does your Landing page Attract and retain Clients?

In the modern tech arrangement, your website will most likely be the first point of contact between you and the potential customer. This happens when they search for anything that is relevant to your business on search engines.

Similarly, the landing page on your website is like your receptionist. The first contact and the first impression a potential customer gets from them determines whether they are willing to do more business with you or not.

Optimize the power of landing page. Entice the client to explore further through the appeal, relevance of information and brevity. Always remember that there is someone else the same attention from your potential customer and if they do it better than you, you will lose business.

The landing page must be done right, in terms of color, design, and ease of response.

  1. Make your website Mobile Friendly: It’s a Mobile Era

Smartphone uptake is hitting unprecedented global levels and it would be detrimental for website owners not to take advantage of this growth. This means that the mobile phone will also be the primary gadget through which consumer’s access information.

Ensuring that your website can be accessed on the mobile just as it would on a PC makes a great difference. Work with your designer to ensure that that visuals, videos and even text on your website can be adjusted to offer the best mobile experience.

  1. Optimize the power of Inbound backlinks

How do users discover more content in other pages within your website?

It is easy to dictate what viewers on your website consume by leading them to explore and discover as much information to enable you to make a sale. Take advantage of inbound backlinks and entice your visitors to go deeper into your website.

This is a very powerful way of ensuring that potential customers remain on your site for longer, thus giving you an opportunity to engage them more. Take advantage of that.

  1. Round the Clock Customer Support

Do you know why chatbots have become so popular? Because they offer support for websites without necessarily engaging you or demanding your physical prescience. It has become a cheaper efficient way of responding to visitors’ queries promptly and this ensures that visitors feel well attended to upon visiting your website.

Precisely, there are several other ways of going about it. They include enhancing your website for video and voice calls where your visitors can engage a representative.

At this point, the role of social media in offering support for your website comes to mind. By all means possible, your social media pages must compliment your efforts taking place on your website. To begin with, ensure that visitors can connect to your social media pages from your website. At the same time, ensure that your social media accounts can direct visitors to your website for more information.

  1. Website Recovery Time

Have you been to websites that give you a 404 message followed or “website not found?” This is a very common occurrence and one that can lead to a big loss in your online business.

Well-designed websites will be careful not to indicate to visitors that they are broken down and nothing is being done about it. Instead, they will put up a message such as “under maintenance” or “will be back shortly.” This gives visitors the confidence that something is being done and that they can check it later on.


Even with the complexity that overrides the e-commerce, there are still a number of ways that you can stay afloat with a website that works just fine. Again, there is no specific route to get it right. The best thing would be to combine several of the elements discussed in this article as you improve on your website design and attempt to boost sales. Importantly, ensure that you keep an eye on what is trending, what others are doing and the emerging technologies that can be of help to you.

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