Mad Max’s: Fury Road Wild Vehicles Look Furious in Lego

You might have seen the film ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ and I expect that you are totally blown away the design of the vehicles being use in the movie.

How eager will you be to see those vehicle in real life so you can touch and inspect how meticulous they were made?

Someone who is blessed with thorough imagination and made a replica of those vehicle using Lego.

A LEGO builder by the name of ‘LEGO Will’ has already created replicas of the film’s vehicles, just weeks after its release. By reusing old bricks in his collection, he’s come up deadly but adorable plastic cars like Imperator Furiosa’s war rig, the morale boosting Doof Wagon, and Immortan Joe’s Gigahorse.

mad-max-lego01 mad-max-lego02 mad-max-lego03 mad-max-lego04 mad-max-lego05 mad-max-lego06 mad-max-lego07 mad-max-lego08 mad-max-lego09 mad-max-lego10

Via: TechTime, TheVerge


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