Our Favorite Community News of the Week: May 20-27, 2013

Sharing your creative topics around the web helps you reach more audience who will increase your sales and ranking. Its been a long time that we opened our community news submission and I can say that there are a lot of articles worth reading which are being submitted each day.

If you wish that your article will be added to our list you can always submit them using this form – click here.

Today, we have decided to compile those worthy design-related articles, as this marks the beginning of Our Favorite Community News of the Week. This will surely pave way to a broader network of things that we will all love to see, refer and read. We love reading those creative and inspiring articles that are being published everyday and most of us needs a source of inspiration.

So what are you waiting for? Join now and enjoy the list that we have below:


12 Uniquely Designed Business Cards


Top 10 HTML5/CSS3 Responsive Templates For Free Download


iPhone Wallpaper: 20 + Gaming Inspired Wallpapers Designs



30+ Most Popular and Free Blogging Widget Resources



Showcase of Helpful Task Management Websites


Vibrant Looking Designs of Star Logo

Mega Collection of 115 Free Photoshop Actions


Designing Your Business Card: Make the Most Out of the Smallest Spaces


35+ Well-Made Twitter Lifestream Online Tools

Best way to Gather and Share Photos – PhotoRocket Mac Photo App

30 Ultimate Tools for Make Responsive Web Designs


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