How VR and AR Could Impact Our Lives

VR and AR might sound like foreign languages to you. How about virtual reality and augmented reality? These phrases are likely something you’d think you’d hear about in a strange sci-fi film, but the truth is, they’re closer to becoming a part of all of our lives than you think. In around 5-10 years, experts have predicted that we could all be using VR and AR to better our lives.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can help bring a number of different experiences to life. This is why it’s so popular in the gaming industry right now! It can make you feel like you’re really in the game. However, virtual reality is predicted to become popular in everyday things, like online shopping. You may be able to take a look around an online shop as if it’s a physical shop before you realize it!

Augmented Reality

AR is a little different. Just think of the Pokemon Go craze. Pokemon characters were shown as if they were in your reality. You saw your own reality, but with these characters superimposed on top. You weren’t transported to a new place, like when you use VR. This means you could instantly try on a new pair of shoes, rather than having to go to the store to do it. Just point your device at your foot, and a shoe will be superimposed there.

How They Could Work Together To Impact Our Lives

These two technologies can work together to impact our lives. The infographic below can show you more!

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