10 Web Designing Trends That Will Help you Stay Ahead in 2018

In recent years, there have been rapid developments which have taken place in the field of web designing. These developments have been possible due to the advanced techniques and ever-improving tools. Due to this, the web designers have had a lot of freedom in designing web interfaces. This has led to the different web design techniques and patterns to trend.

As we gradually lead towards the end of 2017, there will be a lot of opportunities for you in 2018 to make your business grow further. Through the medium of this article, I am going to showcase the 10 web designing trends that will enable you to stay ahead of your competitors in 2018.

  1. Internet of Things
    Internet of Things (IoT) utilizes the technology for connecting the different devices to the internet. Website design will not be left untouched and it will be making use of the IoT technology. Come 2018, you will be able to witness the IoT interfaces on most of the websites. This will enable the users to interact with their smart devices. This is where the role of a professional web developer becomes crucial. A website which is smarter will have a more complex backend so the web developer will allow you to connect and design an interface which is quite simple to use.
  2. Modular Design
    Modular design is something which has been in existence for quite some time now and has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. In modular design approach that makes use of modular and block grid pattern to layout the elements. According to the Google Trends data, there has been a rise in search interest for modular design. This trend is only going to grow further in 2018. Modular design allows defining every content element clearly.
  1. Cleaner Layouts
    In order to achieve better mobile performance, web designers began developing simple and clean websites. Websites which include a lot of heavy images are generally slow to load and lead to frustration for the users. Just like 2017, there will be a surge in the number of mobile searches. In addition to this, there will be newer technologies which will get featured along with the web design. 2018 will enable you to witness interactive animations, augmented reality, chatbots and much more along with the design of your website. These fancy new interfaces will increase the user engagement and are much better than the distracting graphics.
  1. Bold and Creative Typography
    Websites which feature text-based designs are able to communicate their message to the users and also suitable for mobile design. In 2018, web designers will be pushing the boundaries on the creative usage of typography. There will be screen space which will be given to type. Apart from the usual web fonts, you will be able to see a lot more creative typefaces. There will be a usage of a lot of bold headers and text links in place of buttons.
  1. Modern Retro Design
    A retro style of web design along with a modern twist is one web designing trend that will definitely be present in 2018. Such a design trend will have an influence on the web design and most of the websites have been implementing this style. It can be pixel art, the imagery of the 80s and 90s or vintage typography all these elements work well with the overall design of your website.
  1. Clever Usage of Animations
    There have been a lot of technological advancements which have been made in the recent years. The modern day web browsers are able to handle the animations in a much better and refined way when compared with those of the past. Earlier web designers implemented flashy and distracting animations, however, 2018 will be an era of useful and subtle animations. The designs of the animations will be typography driven. The focus of the web designers is to display more content.
  1. Coherent User Interactions
    2018 will be a year where more focus will be given on the interaction of the users with a website. Your users will longer have to wait for a page to load or click on it. This will be possible due to the voice user interfaces and chatbots. One efficient way of improving communication is through the micro-interactions which can be implemented throughout the website. The whole purpose is to make it easy for the user to perform a certain action seamlessly.
  1. Enhance the Security
    All over the web, there is a possibility of a malware attack, malicious hacker or vital data breach. The number of web users is already humongous which will only increase in 2018. Therefore, it becomes important to take the necessary steps to scale up the security of your website. You need to ensure that the security certificate of all your web pages is updated. Users from all over the globe are going to interact with your website, share their information and download the content which is published on it.
  1. Rise of Parallax Scrolling
    Parallax scrolling is a hot trend which is gradually gaining momentum and it is only going to increase further in 2018. Implementing this will definitely enable your website to have a creative edge over the other players in the market. A lot of web designers are implementing it to draw the audiences. This has enabled the business owners to deliver their message in an easy manner. The foremost benefit of using parallax scrolling in web design is that it reduces the bounce rate.
  1. Content Focussed Design Approach
    A content focussed approach will lead to a surge in website traffic. Under this approach, the content of the website is designed at the time of website designing and then it is uploaded to it. A website which is rich in content will result in lead generation and enable a business to grow. In 2018, you should implement this trend and see your business grow manifolds.


In The End

All the  10 web designing trends which have been showcased in this post must be implemented if you want your business to stay ahead in 2018. All the web designing trends that you saw above will aware of what is happening out there in the marketplace.

So which of the web designing trends are you going to implement into your website design? Do let me know about them along with your views about the post in the comments section below.

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