The Promising Photo Manipulations of Jerome Elizaga

I just love to learn and browse inspiration of new kind of photo manipulation, but I just got lazy and stuck on FB, suddenly a red mark from a friend request pops out, a certain guy who ask for friend request and I don’t have any idea where in this earth could he possible takes the idea to add me up. Anyway its the FB thing…

Then I just found myself browsing his gallery, cause I was just stunned with the he does the photo manipulation, not clean as the other professional does but I will tell you, he is just doing it for the last three months, yes three months to see those improvement each artwork he does.

Jerome Elizaga is an graduating IT students who loves to do photoshoping, photo manipulation particularly. A self thought in Photoshop and still in the process of learning new things. This nineteen years old guys is from the Philippines.

You can find out more of his work on his Deviantart

Mars Cureg

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    Wonderful post. The 2nd pic is very well done. Thanks for sharing.

    • truly it is wonderful

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