Office Life a Miniaturized People Photography

I had this strong drive to start my photography series and I always wanted to do those miniaturized people who does every day choirs. I have been scouting for a long time for those mini people in toy stores in my current location but no luck at, what I found are those fancy Barbie and Lego type of thing.

So far, what I got is a three piece of Foldables that represents my family and never had a time also to start a series of photos.

This passion never leaves me and I always appreciate those photographers who have their time, miniaturized people and creativity to come up with such humorous photographs.

While I was browsing for inspirations, I came across to the work of Bettina Güber entitled Office Life – Small People, those sets of photos immediately capture my attention and browse more of her work.

“I have always admired the great creative photographers of small people – and as I began to photograph 1 ½ years ago I wanted to create such little scenes, too. First I took single photos with humorous comments – and then I had the idea of a whole series where these tiny people experience little adventures in my office. I hope you have fun watching their exciting office life!” 🙂  – Bettina Güber 

















You can visit her Behance profile to view more of those creative photos

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