10 Great Firefox Add-Ons for Web Designers

If you’re looking to increase your efficiency in web design, check out some of these great new firefox tools on the market. Aside from being free, these 10 tools can make your web design easier, faster, and more efficient.

Web Developer – An all-in-one plugin that enables you to edit CSS, write codes, and experiment with new styles. Potential errors can also be fixed easily.

FireShot – For designers who regularly bookmark websites for inspiration, FireShot is a good tool. It lets you grab screen capture and add notes directly. The capture can be saved to your computer for later reference.

Codetech – This tool enables you to edit files without leaving the browser. It works like a lighter version of Dreamweaver with all its critical functionalities.

Colorzilla – Is there a unique color from another website you’re interested in using. If so, then Colorzilla would definitely be beneficial. It enables you to get the exact value of any color using the eyedropper feature.

Browser Window Resizer – With the advent of mobile internet today, it has become important for a website to appear well on different screens. This particular tool lets you view a designed page on different screens.

MeasureIt – This tool essentially acts as a ruler. This tool lets you quickly measure the height, width, and alignment of any element on a page.



CSS Validator
– This tool does exactly what its name implies. But keep in mind that the page to be validated should have CSS file associated with it to enable the tool to work.

IE Tab – There’s no getting around the fact that myriad internet users utilize Internet Explorer. The IE tab is pretty basic – essentially, it lets you test how a site works in IE without switching browsers.

CSS Viewer – The CSS properties of a page can easily be viewed with this tool.

Font Finder – Once you add this to Firefox add-on to your browser, it lets you see the font value of any text. Just highlight the targeted content and the results will appear. This is a simple and handy tool for web designers.

Of course there are numerous other Firefox add-ons that are available and may be beneficial for you, but the list above encompasses many of the best and most popular add-ons you will find. Hopefully you will find them helpful and useful!

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  • Steven

    Thx for the list…

    Unfortunatly most of these add-ons are not availlable for the latest version of Firefox….

  • firebug is also one valuable add-on. i can never go a day without it. i first was introduced to it back when i worked as a web developer, it was a huge help to me. but even now, it still is. you can edit the page source on spot to check what you need to change in the pages design before you actually play with the real code. you can chedck your pages loading speed, as well as how much individual elements of a page are affecting its overall load time. you can see suggestions on how to speed up your page. check for parallel dns calls and lots of other stuff. this plug-in is really priceless

    • very well said, and it shows that you loved that plugin in so much 🙂

  • aweosome site. Thank you!

  • Web Developer, MeasureIt, ColorZilla and Firebug are my favorites. I use them everyday at my job and I must tell you that I didn’t knew about Codetech until today. It looks like a great tool for me.

  • renovatorz

    thanks for sharing this wonderful post

  • Brett Widmann

    These are great add-ons. I’m going to have to look into getting some of these.