Top 10 Customary Web Design Trends: Knowledge Guide For The Web Designers!

For any industry, there are certain trends that rule the present times and that predict the future. The web designing industry is always vulnerable to the changing trends that any web designer has to consider while creating a website. The top customary trends of web designing would be given here as revealed by web design Glasgow experts.





  1. Responsiveness Should Be The Focus

While creating websites for the diverse audience, responsive web designing is the right approach to follow. It helps in making websites that appear the same on all devices, on desktops, and on laptops.

  1. Mobile Web Designing

If you don’t want to go for the responsive web designing, then make the design mobile-friendly. The layout of a website should go well with iPhone, Windows 8 phones, and Galaxy line.

  1. Go For Infinite Scrolling

Clicking for more and more Google pages to reach the desired images is no more liked by the users. Infinite scrolling is the approach being used and liked by the visitors. Scrolling more and more brings them to the desired images instead of clicking more pages. The same approach is followed in web designing to facilitate the site visitors.

  1. Use Of Less Flash

Gone are the days when flash was in extensive use. It’s no more considered as SEO friendly. It has been replaced by HTML 5 and JavaScript. Flash designs also don’t work well with mobile devices. Flash will be said goodbye very sooner.

  1. Minimalism

More is bad; that’s the new approach being followed in web designing. More white space is what not just Google like, but also visitors prefer to see at any website. Minimalism approach gives more professional look to a website.

  1. Large Background Images

Having backgrounds filled with large photography and supported by relevant content at the front is quite IN trend in the web design industry. These larger photographic images are replacing the banner Ads.

  1. Frozen Header Pane

This trend is not just limited to social networks, but also to online work portals like oDesk. This is the hottest trend of the designing world. This could be done with CSS.

  1. Design Transparency

You don’t need to perform complex editing tasks of Photoshop, as CSS 3 features are there for the rescue. You can edit the designing elements in terms of varying opacity.

  1. QR Codes Are Everywhere

QR codes couldn’t be missed in web designing because these are used everywhere over World Wide Web and in Smartphones.

  1. Social Media Appeal

Not a single website could remain successful without social media appeal that is brought through social media buttons. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ buttons should be there to help the readers share the link as and when they want.

Emma Jones writes this post for the interested audience. As she lives in Edinburgh, so she understands what’s going on in the web design Edinburgh industry. With more than 10 years of working experience in the IT industry, Emma has in depth knowledge of web designing, web development, and internet marketing. You can follow her on twitter @vaniatech

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